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Charlie XCX Is Not Dissing Taylor Swift They Are Still Friends but She Was Just Feeling Insecure


Lately, everyone seems to be having some beef with Taylor Swift!!! 

Charli XCX‘s latest album, “Brat,” is a mix of raw emotions and bold, innovative pop. 

The album is both “bratty and bold” while also being vulnerable, as Charli XCX explores personal and relatable stories. 

The album features 15 tracks that will take you on a journey through energetic, bold songs and reflective melodies, offering a diverse mix of emotions and musical styles.

But beneath the catchy tunes lies a message of self-doubt caused by the competitive music industry and her peers. 

This sentiment is evident in a few tracks which very much seem to be about Taylor Swift and one of her exes, yes the one she wrote ‘The Tourtured Poets Department’, reports. 

Who else was surprised? Cause I was here thinking weren’t these two friends, Charlie was the opening act for one of Taylor Swift’s concerts, not to forget she also was a guest performer at one of her tours. 

So what went wrong, how did this relationship of theirs come crumbling down? Let’s look at all of the details!

Charli XCX and Taylor Swift sharing the stage together

Analyzing ‘Sympathy is a knife’ 

Charli XCX’s song “Sympathy Is a Knife” from her album “Brat” explores deep emotions like insecurity, jealousy, and self-doubt. 

The lyrics touch on struggles with self-worth, comparison, and the need for understanding and empathy.

Insecurity Theme: The singer expresses intense feelings of insecurity, especially when comparing herself to another girl. This insecurity leads to paranoia and self-doubt.

Paranoia and Support: The song mentions “George”(her fiance) trying to reassure the singer that her fears are baseless, showing a supportive presence who sees things differently.

Negative Thoughts: The lyrics reveal a desire to escape overwhelming emotions, even contemplating extreme measures like self-harm, reflecting inner turmoil.

Jealousy and Rivalry: The singer harbors envy and resentment towards the other girl, particularly in situations involving her boyfriend.

Sympathy’s Impact: The chorus emphasizes how sympathy can feel like a double-edged sword, implying that even well-intentioned empathy can be painful and worsen feelings of inadequacy. 

Where does Swift come in in all of this? 

Charli doesn’t straight up say Swift’s name in the song, but there’s a little clue that points in that direction. 

In the second verse, she gives more info about the girl she’s talking about: she’s dating someone in her fiancé’s band, The 1975. 

Charli sings, “Don’t wanna see her backstage at my boyfriend’s show / Fingers crossed behind my back, I hope they break up quick.” 

We all know that Swift had a short fling with Matty Healy from The 1975 in the summer of last year. Plus, Charli calling Daniel her “boyfriend” lines up with that timeline. 

They didn’t get engaged until November of that year, five months after Swift and Healy ended things.

TS with Camila Cabello and Charli XCX 

Sympathy is a knife is not a diss track 

I just saw someone saying, like, “Oh my gosh, Charli totally destroyed Taylor with sympathy, it’s like a knife!” 

And honestly, it’s so concerning how some people can’t even understand the lyrics of a pop song. Like, seriously? 

Let’s not argue about whether it’s about Taylor or not, but the point is that Charli is feeling insecure in this song. 

She doesn’t want to be around this girl, not because she hates her, but because being around her reminds Charli of her own insecurities. 

In the chorus, she straight up says “I couldn’t even be her if I tried,” meaning she actually wants to be like the girl she’s talking about. 

So when she says “Why I wanna shoot myself?” it’s not because she hates the girl so much that she wants to end it all, it’s because Charli feels inferior and thinks she’ll never measure up to her. It’s like a hyperbole, you know? 

Taylor and Charli’s friendship 

They were never best friends just to make it clear.

Charli popped up out of nowhere on Swift’s 1989 tour in 2015. Fast forward three years and Charli leveled up to being the opening act on the Reputation tour. They seemed tight!

A few years back, there was some drama when Charli mentioned that she thought Taylor Swift’s performance on the reputation tour was more geared toward kids. 

Charli, Taylor, and Camila

It was totally blown out of proportion!

They’ve got pics together over the years, but they’re not BFFs or anything. Taylor probs weren’t bothered by the 5-year-old fan comment – she knows how the media twists stuff, and in Charli’s context, it wasn’t rude.  

Also, the song was not a diss track it was just XCX rooting for Swift and Matt to break up due to her own insecurities!! 

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