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Charlie Travers – The woman rumored to have stolen Shawn Mendes’ heart

Shawn Mendes is rumored to have a new flame and that is Charlie Travers!! 

He might be writing songs for Camila Cabello but it looks like Mendes is ready to move on. The singer has been spotted with his new lady two times till now, reports.  

The rumors of a potential romance with Charlie started after they were seen having dinner together with the TV host wrapping her arms around Shwan. 

Then they were spotted on what looked to be a beach date looking all cozy with one another and enjoying the weather. 

Charlie wraps her hand around mendes during their dinner date

Charlie wraps her hand around Mendes during their dinner date/TMZ 

Travers is 12 years older than the singer, with her being 37 and Shawn being 25, but as the saying goes ‘age is just a number’ the duo seems to not mind at all. 

Does this mean Mendes is falling in love?

In the photos obtained by TMZ, this couple was seen in their underwear enjoying the weather, laughing, and having a conversation. They looked happy. 

From the photos, it is noticeable that their trip was unplanned as they were not wearing bathing suits just their undies. 

shawn and charlie on their beach date backgrid

Shawn and Charlie on their unplanned beach date/Backgrid

We are assuming that it is safe to say that something is happening between these two.

Shwand Mendes’s new romance comes just a few weeks after his co-written song for BTS Jungkook ‘Hate You’ was released.  

The song is rumored to be about his ex-girlfriend Camila Cabeo, with whom he had an on-and-off relationship till the beginning of 2023 when they decided to call it quits for good. 

Their romantic bond started as friends and then later on they became lovers. They had a three-year-long relationship and even adopted a dog. The decision to split according to their statement was a mutual one. 

shawn mendes with his and camila cabeo's dog

Shawn Mendes with his and Camilla Cabeo’s dog that they adopted together/Instagram

Shawn and Camila did end their romantic bond but their Instagram pages are filled with photos of one another when they were dating.

In their statement, it was said that they will continue on being best friends just like they were before so that might be the reason they chose not to wipe their Insta photos together. 

Who is Charlie Travers

Jackie Travers and her daughter Charlie made history as the first mother-daughter duo to enter the Big Brother House, with Charlie being the first to step inside.

Travers had a romantic relationship with her fellow Big Brother contestant Dexter Koh, which was made public in August 2013.  

Despite Koh calling her his “soul mate” and expressing his desire to marry her, the romance eventually ended. 

charlie travers

Charlie Travers/ Instagram

Travers’ Instagram bio reveals that she has been a host for several programs, such as the Grammy web series On Location and the Permission Slip Podcast.  

Additionally, she worked as an assistant to Tyler Henry, the star of Hollywood Medium and she has a brother. 

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