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Celebrity Couple Alert: Dove Cameron and Damiano David are dating!

It seems that another Hollywood couple will be confirming their relationship soon!!

Dove Cameron and Damiano David were spotted leaving together in the same car at the venue of Manskin’s concert, reports. 

The rumors that these might be dating started in September after Cameron attended one of the band’s concerts in New York. 

However, her attending their last concert in Brazil and the other one a few months ago don’t appear to be the only times Dove has been in Damiano’s company. 

It is said that in the early stages of their the actress was spotted on a picnic with her boyfriend and his teammates. 

dove and damiano leaving the concert venue together

Dove and Damiano leaving the concert venue together

And let’s not forget about the kiss that allegedly happened between Dove and Damiano. Videos have been going around where the lead singer of Maneskin can be seen kissing someone. 

The body positions and the hair color match that of Cameron but the face is way too blurry to confirm whether it is her or not. 

David and Cameron leaving in the same car

David and Cameron leave in the same car

But with her attending his concerts and leaving with him, let’s just say that the possibility of the girl in the video being the singer/actress is very high. 

Dove Cameron and Damian were spotted together at Dirty Mondays, a Los Angeles venue where the Roman quartet “Zitti e Buoni” performed. 

They partied until dawn with Victoria De Angelis, who transitioned from being the bassist to becoming a DJ and this is where the kiss was said to have happened.

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♬ GOSSIP (feat. Tom Morello) – Måneskin

They were both in attendance for Anitta’s Halloween party. Dove Cameron was seen arriving at the venue of the party rocking a pair of leather jeans and jacket pairing them with a green bra. 

David kept it casual with a white half-unbuttoned shirt a pair of baggy jeans and a black leather jacket. 

This duo attended alongside one another and slayed the leather matching style paired with the black shades. 

The duo attending the party alongside each other

The duo attending the party alongside each other

The lead singer of Maneskin was last linked to Giorgia Soleri whom he had been dating for a while. 

With TikTok being so popular, a video of the singer kissing a girl while supposedly being in a relationship started doing the rounds on the internet. 

After it had gone viral through an Instagram story Damiano apologized to everyone and revealed that he and Soleri ended their five-year relationship a while ago. 

As for Dove Cameron, she was last linked to her co-star Thomas Doherty whom she dated for two years. In 2020 they called it quits and since then she has not been linked to anyone. 

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