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Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese Are Enemies in the Game Friends in Real Life

Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese’s dynamic is getting a lot of attention lately, especially after they were seen being ultra-competitive and exchanging some intriguing gestures a while back. Now that both of them are back on the court, everyone is curious about the current status of their relationship.

How did the feud between Reese and Clark start?

It all started when Reese pointed at her ring finger, indicating that she had won the ring while Clark hadn’t. The hand waving in front of the face is a nod to John Cena’s famous “You Can’t See Me” move.

In the bigger picture, Caitlin Clark has become a breakout star in this tournament, not only for her amazing skills on the court but also for her trash-talking and gestures, reports. 

She was praised for being both talented and entertaining. Although her team, Iowa, made it to the finals, they lost to LSU. Angel Reese, a standout player for LSU, responded by doing similar gestures back at Clark. 

However, now people are criticizing Reese, calling her classless and unsportsmanlike, even though they celebrated Clark for the same behavior earlier. 

Some argue that it’s because of the timing or the way Reese did it, but many, including Reese herself, believe that this difference in response is essentially rooted in racism. All of this happened last year. 

This situation has really escalated. Clark talks and taunts on the court all the time, it’s not a big deal. Reese definitely went too far. She got carried away in the heat of the moment, but it wasn’t that serious. 

Competition brings out rivalry and frustration so what is really behind Caitlin and Angle’s relationship?

Caitlin Clark and Angle Reese’s rivalry 

There is no such thing as a rivalry between the two players, they have said so themselves and if they ever meet one another while strolling in the streets they would definitely hang out and grab coffee together.

With a new game happening on Sunday between Angle and Caitlin’s team, their relationship has been a hot topic of discussion, especially about their competitive nature and trash-talking on the court.

The relationship between the two players has been labeled as grudges and trash talk relationship. 

Angle on the other hand has set the record straight telling everyone that it was just a game and no rivalry and grudges were ever made out of it. 

Caitlin Clark and Angles aren’t foes, you know? It’s just a super intense sport. When they step onto that court, friendships go out the window. 

They’ll trash talk and play mind games to get into each other’s heads throughout the entire game. But once it’s all said and done, they can unwind. I don’t think people really grasp that concept.

Clark too has acknowledged the competitive spirit every player puts out when they are on the court and at the end of the day they just want to bring victory to their trams even if it means engaging in some trash talk.

However, Caitlin does not seem to be ready nor did she say that she would take the initiative to talk with Angles if they ever meet out of their schedules, like Reese said. 

Angle and Caitlin are supportive of one another

After the game ended and after the hands-on competition between the two ladies on the field they made sure to show respect for one another by sharing a small hug and a handshake.

They had even exchanged a small talk where Clark had whispered to Reese to continue on being the great player that she is. 

Angel Reese and Caitlin Clark

Right from this you can completely see that they had no hard feelings for what happened and it was nothing more than a game for them.

Not to forget that Angle has also given Caitlin a shout-out for her achievements on Twitter, based on this I think they are starting to warm up and maybe a friendship is possible between the two after all.

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