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BTS Member’s Secret Dating Lives Revealed!

You know BTS? Billboard singer. 

It’s like, totally obvious by now that BTS is slaying the music scene. These guys have single-handedly brought K-pop to the ears of everyone out there.

They’ve gone from zero to hero, becoming legit superstars in their own right. With hit after hit, they’ve got their fans, aka the ARMY, begging for every detail about their personal lives, reports.

And let’s just say that love might be in the cards for the seven of them!  

Who is RM dating?

RM the leader of BTS

RM the leader of BTS

It has been reported countless times that the leader of BTS is in a relationship, is married, and has kids including his past romance when he was not famous.  

RM on the other hand like all the other members is very private about his love life, but at the same time whenever asked he has always expressed his interest in meeting someone and creating a family. 

Many times he has been linked to different people who he is potentially dating but there has never been a confirmation. 

ARMY’s on the other hand are really good detectives. They like to put on their Sherlock Holmes hat and dig deeper into what has to be discovered. 

They are the ones who have connected the dots and come to the conclusion that RM is married. Yes, you read it right he is married and he has a kid!?

The BTS members make sure to always connect to their fans by doing video live, and that is where the ARMY gathers the clues and presents the evidence. 

In one of the lives, Joonie showed off a pair of baby shoes he bought and kept at his studio. But hold up, hold up, hold up!

He denied that he has a baby, his answer was simple that he just likes baby clothes and all and that he will buy them and keep them for his future baby 


remember when namjoon bought baby shoes just bcoz they were cute and tiny🥺🥺💛 #RM #NAMJOON @bts_official_bighit

♬ original sound – 𓆩♡𓆪

In another conversation with fans, a hickey was spotted on his neck. Now, we can’t help but wonder if those rumors are true. What’s the tea, RM? Don’t leave us hanging!

After reading the comments regarding the hickey he got shy and covered it with his hands.

And let’s not forget the ring change during an interview, where he removed this ring that looked like a wedding band from his finger and put it on another finger!!!

Are we supposed to believe all of this? Either way, if he has found someone we will be more than delighted to see him happy. 

But wait more signs point fingers to RM’s love life.

After posting a photo of him shaving his beard on Instagram right in the left corner a hand with a ring on it can be spotted. 


I’M FINE 💀💀😭😭😭😭😭😭🗣️🗣️🗣️ #namjoon #rm #kimnamjoon #foryou #foryoupage

♬ OH MA GAWD – meg💌

Is this his supposed girl? Or is it someone from the staff without throwing out the chance that it could be his guy friend?

RM used to be all caught up with this girl back in high school. But she was always the center of attention, surrounded by a swarm of boys from their class. 

Needless to say, it was a total disaster and things just didn’t work out in the end so they called it quits. This is the only relationship that has been confirmed by the BTS leader. 

Lastly during his most recent live on Weverse RM decided to clear the air on the dating thing. After a fan asked him to introduce his girlfriend he said that he does not have one.

“If I had a girlfriend, I would introduce her, but I don’t have one right now. Can you help me find a girlfriend?” 

Who is Jin dating?

Kim Seokjin the eldest BTS meber

Kim Seokjin the eldest member of BTS

Worldwide handsome has been involved in quite a few dating rumors here and there. But is he involved romantically with anyone?

Jin first raised suspicion that he might be in a relationship after he thanked comedienne Lee Gook Joo during an appearance on TV and you better believe the fans went into full-on panic mode. 

Before fans started shipping them like crazy, both Jin and Lee made it clear that they were just friends. Yeah, you heard it right, just friends!

Gook Joo said in one of her interviews that she has always supported Jin and will continue to do so but no more than friends.

So there you have it, folks! Jin and Lee are just two peas in a platonic pod, and those fans need to calm down and sip their tea. 

No romantic shenanigans going on here, just a solid friendship that’s got everyone talking.

Kim Seokjin was also shipped by fans with Irene from ‘Red Velvet’ after the duo hosted one of the music shows together. 

The rumors started after he showed what a  gentleman he was. During the whole show, he took care of Irene and made sure that she was comfortable.

Soon enough this case was forgotten and he was linked to Jisso from Blackpink. Their relationship turned out to be no more than friends and colleagues.  

Who is Suga dating?

Min Yoongi, the rapper of BTS

Min Yoongi the rapper of BTS

Suga is like the busiest bee in town, buzzing around all the time. From his latest concert to all those collaborations with Halsey, Psy, and IU he had no time to spare! 

This crazy schedule of his has put a damper on his love life. Or so he says, at least. 

But hold up, there’s more! Rumor had it that Suga and this K-pop sensation Suran were getting cozy while working on their hit song ‘Wine’. Ooh la la! But guess what? 

Just like a bubble popping, those dating rumors vanished into thin air. So technically, Suga is still on the market, ladies and gents! Ready to mingle and jingle. 

Suga has been dodging relationship rumors like Neo dodging bullets in The Matrix! Every time a rumor starts, it’s like Suga has a secret hotline to shut it down before it even gets off the ground. 

But let’s talk about the latest one, shall we? Suga and K-pop Princess IU were linked together after their chemistry in the song “Eight.” This rumor did not live to see its day. 

Yoongi was also thought to be dating Wendy of Red Velvet after they performed together. They were spotted a few times at award shows bowing to each other. 

These are not the only rumors to surface on the internet. After fans took a video of him strolling in the streets of Chicago alongside this girl the internet went into a nutshell saying that he was dating. 


don’t get me wrong..i just want to share my ovt. his happiness is what truly matters most! we, as a fan should support him ONLY. if it’s true we should openly accept it. 🥲 #yourfyp #슈가 #btssuga #minyoongi #yoongi #videoeditsuga #trendingvideo #fypsekaliaja #yxzcba

♬ Cruel Summer – Taylor Swift

Turns out that the girl was just his translator. He was also linked to another girl who turned out to be one of his backup dancers. 


ឃេីញគេល្បីនៅក្នុងtwt ថាម្នាក់ស្រីនឹង girlfriend របស់ស៊ូហ្គា🥹🥹 បងតាស្ងាត់ៗ មិនមាត់ផងចេះញ៉ែគេដឺរ🥹😅 #teamជំទាវnam_🌚❤️‍ #xyzbca #fyp #fypシ #fypage #bts #minyoongi #suga #btsarmy #benamjoonly

♬ original sound – XVX – XVX

After this rumor, there has not been any initiation that Suga is romantically linked to anyone. He is currently preparing for his enlistment to serve in the military.  

Who is J-Hope dating? 

I'm your hope, you are my hope, I am J-hope

I am your hope, you are my hope, I am J-Hope

It is true that J-Hope is everyone’s hope but it looks like he might be someone else’s hope now too. A girlfriend, maybe! 

Friends or a romantic relationship? The million-dollar question. Time to grab the tools and put our detective hat on. 

And from what we discovered this could be either a ship, a coincidence, or a real relationship. 

Hobi was rumored to be dating the model Irene Kim and fans were not happy about it. 

The clues of their dating were picked up after the duo posted photos of wearing the same items, sharing clothes, taking photos with the same poses, and lastly, after piecing everything together it somehow turned out that the two had dinner together.

This solid evidence got everyone’s eyebrows raised, making them think these two lovebirds are totally an item. 

You see, in South Korea, it’s like a thing for couples to rock matching outfits and strike the same pose for their cute little selfies. So, it’s no wonder people are shipping them like crazy!

However, this is not the first time Jung Hoseok has been shipped with someone. Nope, the same thing happened with Nayeon from Twice. 

The dinner thing and the matching couples thing were thrown here and there as evidence that these two might be dating. It soon died as a rumor.

Just like his other team members, he was also rumored to be in a relationship with one of the girls from Blackpink. 

We are talking about Rose here. The dating rumors came after they exchanged a few looks here and there at award shows. 

Hobi has also been linked to one of his former label teammates, Eunah from Girlfriend who now is a singer in Viviz. 

Becky G was also included in the romance thing after the two collaborated on a song together.

Since Hybe Labels keeps everything about their artist lives a secret there is yet to be a confirmation about the romance going on between J-Hope and Irene.

Who is Jimin dating?

Jimin the angelic voice of BTS

Jimin the angelic voice of BTS

The tea is piping hot! It all started when some sneaky social media user decided to spill the beans on our boy Jimin. They posted not one, not two, but a whopping twelve photos! 

Can you believe it? And let me tell you, these pics were no joke. They were supposed to be solid evidence that Jimin is getting cozy with the actress Song Da Eun. 

This social media sleuth captioned their post with “Proof of Bangtan Jimin Dating Song Da Eun.” 

However, the person had a change of heart and deleted all the evidence. 

Now, let’s spill the deets on these scandalous photos, shall we? We’re talking matching accessories, and sharing Instagram stories at the same time.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the cherry on top: attending similar events at the same time. 

During the time of the dating rumors, the actress did a few Instagram lives and ARMYs swarmed her live asking her whether she was dating Jimin or not.


#jimin #ジミン #지민 #daeun #ダウン #btsjimin #btsarmy #btsdating #btsgirlfriend #bts Jimin dating rumor girlfriend ジンソル ダンサー Please ask Jimin not the girl who wants to revenge.

♬ NO – Meghan Trainor

She shut down all the rumors saying that she does not know Jimin personally nor have the two ever met. 

Who is V dating?

'I purple you' - Kim Taehyung

‘I purple you’ Kim Taehyung

Kim Taehyung’s only love is indeed his cute dog, Tannie, but by the looks of it, someone else has entered the picture and is ready to steal V’s heart. 

Ever since August 2022, the internet has been buzzing with speculations about V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie. 

Why, you ask? Well, some sneaky photos of the two lovebirds supposedly got leaked, and now everyone’s asking, “Are they or aren’t they?!” 

When those pics of the two driving around Jeju Island in South Korea started going viral on social media

Jennie’s music company, YG Entertainment, put out a statement and this statement added more to the suspicion that it might be real. 

This ain’t the first rodeo for these two. Back in December 2021, V hit that follow button on Jennie’s Insta page and all hell broke loose among the BTS and BLACKPINK fandoms.

But just as quickly as he clicked that button, he unfollowed her. And let me tell you, it was a big deal since V only follows his bandmates and BTS’ official IG. 

Fast forward to May 2023, and it looks like these two lovebirds were caught red-handed holding hands while strolling through the streets of Paris.

The leaked photos of the duo are said to come after someone hacked into Jennie’s iCloud. 

This is not the first time V has been wrapped in a dating scandal. There have been words thrown around that he used to date Joy from Red Velvet, Lisa from Blackpink, Twice Tzuy, and one of his fans. 

Who is Jungkook dating?

JK the gloden makne

JK the golden makne

Jungkook has a girlfriend!!!! Surprised, so are we!

During a recent live he confessed that he is actually in a relationship with none other than ARMY’s. 

And he made sure for the fanbase to understand that they are the one and only for him. 

Recently he was caught in a dating scandal with a non-celebrity girl after some videos got plastered online. 

This video making the rounds on social media, claiming to show Jungkook getting cozy with some lady in his apartment. 

Eagle-eyed netizens wasted no time in pointing out that the dude in the video is rocking the exact same hairstyle as Jungkook.

 Not only that, but the doorbell, switch, and even the freakin’ sofa in the background all match up with the famous idol’s crib in Brunnen Cheongdam, Seoul. 

Oh, and let’s not forget about that adorable Dobermann dog wagging its tail in the video – yep, you guessed it, it’s none other than Jeon Bam, Jungkook’s beloved pet. 


SE feliz JUNGKOOK nose quien lo grabo pero todos ya los saven #JK #jeonjungkook & #girlfriend

♬ Cruel Summer – Taylor Swift

The evidence is piling up, and it’s looking like our boy Jungkook might have some explaining to do and he did, he denied everything!

In the past the makne of the group has been linked to other people as well including a tattoo artist who at the time was said to be married and dating JK.

Jungkook was also linked to Lee Yu Bi an actress in 2021 but nothing has been confirmed.  

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