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Brooklyn and Dakota vs Bailey and Asa’s Love Stories

Brooklyn and Bailey, the internet twins have been hitched for a hot minute. 

Whenever I scroll through TikTok, I can’t escape the sight of them and their better halves, which got me all curious about their juicy love tales.

Now that they’re married, Brooklyn and Bailey are navigating the ups and downs of married life with their supportive partners by their side, reports. 

From building a home together to starting a family, they’re taking on life’s adventures hand in hand and sharing it all with their loyal fans.

So, if you’re as curious as I am about Brooklyn and Bailey’s love stories, buckle up and get ready to dive deep into the whirlwind romances of these internet twins and their equally charming husbands.

I’m dying to know how they crossed paths when the sparks first flew when that initial date went down, what the proposal was like, and how their married life is treating them! 

Get ready to dive deep into the nitty-gritty of Brooklyn and Bailey’s love saga with their hubbies Dakoda and Asa! 

Brooklyn and Bailey with their husbands/Instagram

Brooklyn and Dakota’s history

They actually crossed paths during her “10 Dates in 10 Days” experiment, but it took some time before they became a couple. 

For months Brooklyn had tried to keep her relationship as private as she could but fans are just really good detectives and they eventually found out who she was dating. 

As many know they met through that date for YouTube content, however, this date was cut in half due to some crazy things that happened and they never got to finish it. 

Then Brooklyn was in another relationship for a few months, right when she announced her break up Dakota missed no chance to ask her out on a second date and that is how it all started between them. 

Despite two months of not seeing each other, they kept in touch through texts. Brooklyn was enjoying the single life and wasn’t really interested in dating at the time. However, Dakota didn’t let that discourage him. 

He put in a lot of effort to win Brooklyn over, even though he lived miles away. He was always there for her, and when he helped her move to Utah, that’s when things really clicked between them.

Brooklyn played hard to get with Dakota but he never gave up and one year into the dating game they got engaged and they tied the knot in October of 2022. 

They are living their best life as husband and wife and from time to time they bless our screens with couples content. 

Brooklyn and Dakota/Instagram

Bailey and Asa’s story

These two met in Louisiana through friends on a fine weekend day back in 2016! 

However, they did not start dating immediately, they had their first date in 2017 and their first date turned into their first kiss!! 

Their story is that of from best friends to lovers!! That year they spent as friend they got to know one another closely even the little things and they decided to step forward and become lovers! 

Asa was the first to say ‘I Love You’ to Bailey, while it took her another week to say the words back at him. 

Bailey and Asa/Instagram 

Three years into the relationship and Asa proposed to Bailey, they got married in 2021 and have been enjoying married life. 

This couple is more about their private life and has shared very little details about their relationship. 

But from time to time they do post couples content on the social media accounts of Brooklyn and Bailey which have millions of followers.

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