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Bobbi Althoff and Drake’s Relationship – Is He The Reason Behind Her Divorce?

Drake is involved in this brake up!!

Bobbi Althoff’s relationship with her husband has taken the media by storm and there have been new updates with some new drama.

Since the announcement of the divorce from Bobbie’s husband Cory Althoff some wild conspiracy theories have been going on about her relationship not only with Drake but her husband too, reports.

Before we dive into everything that has been going on the blame for the failed marriage between Bobbie and Cory thrown at Drake let’s do a little backstory on what has happened.

Bobbi Althoff is a popular social media personality and podcaster, and is currently in the process of divorcing her husband, Cory Althoff, following four years of marriage. 

Both Bobbi and Cory announced the news on their Instagram profiles at the beginning of February. 

The duo shares two daughters together and have asked for joint custody as they would like to co-parent and remain friends in the future. 

Is Drake to blame for Bobbi’s divorce!!

First things first, how did Drake and Bobbi meet and how did she land him in her interview?

Well after one of Bobbie’s podcasts had gone viral on different social media platforms, Drake had liked that post and had started following the podcaster. 

So she shot her shot and tried to land Drake in the interview and she succeeded.

Althoff and the rapper became ‘friends’ after she slid into his DMs to ask for his appearance in the podcast.

After he accepted and shared the tour schedule with her, Bobbi booked the ticket and went to do her job.

Drake and Bobbi/Youtube

The setup for the deleted interview was kind of weird, they were both sharing a bed.

Inside Bobbi and Drake’s podcast

The interview might have been deleted but that does not stop anyone from reposting videos of the podcast they have in their galleries.

And someone happened to have the whole interview. 

Well, Bobbie started the podcast with a question that kind of sounded similar to a song, she asked Drake if he would spin about her. 

The rapper has a son titled ‘Spin about U’ which came out in 2022 and the meaning behind it is that the person who says the phrases is ready to kill for you or something similar. 

The whole podcast was about getting to know Drake closer about his likes and dislikes, a few personal questions, and some financial ones. 

However, we know that a lot of people do different things, have characters, and have scrips for what they do but the thought that those words might be true is what made others point things out.

When Drake was asked why he followed Bobbi on Instagram his answer was simple, because she reminded him of people he likes.

Drake also called her hot while they were conversing which further fueled the rumors that something happened between the two.

By something happening everyone is referring to a possibility of them hooking up.

The suspicions for everyone started after Bobbie asked him if she was his type, that she was sleeping over, and after she stated that she had a big but.

Comments on the other hand were pointing out something else, one fan wrote “This interview sounds like “pillow talk” after having bad sex.”

Drake and Bobbi’s feud 

In July 2023, they had a lengthy conversation, but unfortunately, due to a disagreement between them, the interview was removed. 

The details surrounding their relationship falling out remain somewhat unclear, as both Bobby and Drake have chosen not to publicly address the issue.

Allegedly it has been reported that Bobbi and her husband were legally separated before the podcast with Drake happened. 

It was then reported that the fallout between Bobbi, Cory, and Drake happened after the interview. 

Bobbie’s Instagram post about the divorce

Bobbi was invited to Drake’s show in Los Angeles on Aug. 12 but was only given general admission tickets, which seemed to upset her. 

She later posted a video on social media showing her lack of enthusiasm for attending the It’s All a Blur Tour.

The next day the episode of the podcast was removed, they unfollowed one another, and then Bobbie reacted to the news of the two hooking up and stated that it was not true. 

Theories about Bobbie and Drake’s relationship 

Bobbi had plenty of chances to mention that she was married during the podcast with Drake

But instead, she entertained the thought of being set up with his friend or used his song lyrics to ask if he would “Spin bout her”. They even talked about relationships and exes.

This has caused confusion and has raised a few theories around social media about their relationship and whenever it has anything to do with the divorce including the leaked video of the two sharing an intimate moment. 

One theory is that Bobbi’s husband was the one to leak the video, another one is that Drake allegedly abused his financial power to make Bobbi sleep with him, or the one where they had an affair because they both wanted to do it. 

All of the above are conspiracy theories no comments have been given by Drake or Bobbie on this matter, but the moment we have something we will let you know.

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