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Bella Hadid’s Unexpected Cowboy Romance

‘There is a difference between a man and a cowboy’ and Bella Hadid has been spotted with one after her breakup with Marc Kalman. 

She has found herself a riding partner and Adan Bañuelos is the lucky guy!!!  

He’s a total star in the equestrian world.  Hadid was spotted with him at the fair in Fort Worth, Texas, reports. 

They were seen walking down the street together, looking super friendly and affectionate. Holding hands, giving kisses, and sharing lots of hugs. They were smitten!  

Hadid and Adan were wearing cowboy-style clothes and were strolling around looking very much in love. 

It looks like with Banuelos by her side she will feel safer after all the backlash she received for supporting Palestine. 

Hadid alongside her family has received countless death threats and had their numbers leaked for showing that they stand with Palestine

Bella was called out first for not speaking for Palestine, but she did and she has made it clear that she will stand with her country no matter what,  losing everything included. 

Let’s note that she has also been undergoing therapy due to her Lyme disease but now she seems to have picked herself up after treatment.   

bella kissing her horse

Bella kissing her horse/Instagram

On the other hand, her relationship with Adan comes three months after Bella’s break-up with Marc Kalman. But how did they meet? Did they meet because of the horses?

Bella must have met this guy at one of those horse-riding competitions in Florida, where she has been participating. 

He was probably minding his own business somewhere when this horse girl walked up and started saying horse facts at him. Just kidding!

They look like a good match. He’s really into horses, just like her. He lives a simple life, but it’s fulfilling. 

He’s not as rich as Bella Hadid, but he’s earned millions from competing in horse riding competitions, which is impressive.   

She needs someone who’s not in the spotlight to give her a sense of normalcy, which she seems to want.  

This match is written in the starts. They have an astrological compatibility, with Hadid being a Libra and Adan being an Aries. 

Aries and Libra make a great match as they perfectly balance each other out. So, what’s the deal with Aries being so drawn to Libra? Well, it’s all about those opposite qualities that make Aries unable to resist Libra’s charm.

The sharpness of their minds, the cheerfulness they bring, and the never-ending passion they share all contribute to making this couple even stronger.   

Bella Hadid is smiling because of the horse

Bella Hadid is smiling because of the horse/Instagram 

Perhaps the best part is that she’s seeing a guy who isn’t part of showbiz. He might be able to rescue her from the gossip drama by taking her to a ranch with no cell signal. 

There, the horse girl and cowboy can enjoy horseback riding and the great outdoors without being bothered.  

Who is Adan Banuelos?

adan banuelos

Adan Banuelos/Instagram

Did you know that Banuelos is a renowned horseman from Forth Worth, Texas? He’s not just any ordinary rider, he’s a big name in the horse-riding world.   

He is the son of champion Ascencion Bañuelos, who moved to the United States from Mexico at a very young age and is still considered one of the greatest horsemen ever. 

Adan on the other hand in 2017, he was honored with induction into the National Cutting Horse Association’s Horsemen’s Hall of Fame. 

Making him one of the youngest members ever. Additionally, he has been recognized as the “Horseman of the Year” in 2018, 2020, 2021, and 2022. 

He is a 35-year-old who works as a trainer and is known for getting animals ready for competitions and performances. 

Even though he has quite a heavy bag with trophies there is not much listed on the internet about him, not even on Wikipedia. 

Elsa Gecaj
Elsa Gecaj
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