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Austin and Lexi’s Relationship: From How It All Began to Taking a Break and Getting Back Together

They were/are both simps for one another!

Austin Shapiro and Lexi Cohen were among the most liked couples on different social media accounts but things got hard between the two, so they decided to take a break.

With a fan base of more than five million followers on TikTok they have gone rogue on the platform with the last post being posted in the last days of November 2023, reports.

However, these two are very active on Instagram, where they keep posting videos of how it is to be part of the ‘Icon of the Sea’ cruise.’

Let’s walk down the lane of their memories and see how it started between the two, why they took a break, whether that break worked, and if there is a proposal happening soon!

Austin and Lexi’s love story

Austin and Lexi’s relationship was a classic case of going from hate to love. From the moment they laid eyes on each other, it was clear that they couldn’t stand one another.

Austin found Lexi to be incredibly irritating, and Lexi was well aware of Austin’s annoying tendencies. But let’s take a trip back to 2019, the year when their paths first crossed in college.

Being Film majors in a small college meant that they were bound to bump into each other often. They shared the same building and professors, so it was impossible to avoid getting to know the people around them.

Lexi, a senior, and Austin, a junior, had a class together. It was their first time taking that class, and while Lexi was calmly sitting down, Austin burst through the door, screaming at the top of his lungs.

He was so loud, according to Lexi. Mind you, it was only 9 in the morning.

In a class of just eleven people, Austin decided to sit next to the most attractive girl in the room, which happened to be Lexi. How cute!

Austin and Lexi have been dating for four years/Instagram

While Lexi gave Austin the side-eye, he seemed to be enjoying the class without a care in the world.

The first time Austin spoke to Lexi was when she needed help with a project that required someone who knew how to use a specific type of camera.

There were only two people who knew how to use that camera, Austin being one of them and his best friend being the other.

Guess what? Instead of giving his own number to Lexi, Austin decided to give his best friend’s number. It took a whole month before they finally had their first interaction.

They “reconnected” through their mutual friend Jack and didn’t actually meet in person for another five months.

Eventually, they became friends, and one day, when Lexi had to drive two hours to work in Massachusetts, she decided to go the extra mile and visit Austin.

That’s how their romantic journey began, but not without a little drama. It all happened during Lexi’s trip to NYC when she mustered up the courage to ask Austin if they should hook up.

However, Austin declined at that moment, wanting to take things slow. But just five days later, fate brought him to Lexi’s place in Boston, where she took the initiative and kissed him.

From that point on, their dynamic shifted from friends to lovers. And just three months into their relationship, the pandemic struck, but they have been together ever since.

Austin and Lexi decided to take a break from each other

These two are famous for their hilarious couple content, so when fans noticed a decrease in their posts together, rumors started swirling that they had broken up.

In May 2023, Lexi and Austin uploaded a video on their YouTube channel, addressing all the speculation surrounding their relationship.

Austin has been open about the issues he’s been facing with his father, especially after losing his mother to cancer. These problems started to take a toll on him, leading to depression. As their social media presence grew, so did Austin’s struggles with his dad.

On the other hand, Lexi did everything she could to support him, from managing their content and media to taking care of Austin himself. 

However, this constant workload began to weigh on her, causing her to experience her own form of depression.

Lexi and Austin adopted a cat together/Instagram

It was during this time that they realized they had lost sight of how to communicate, appreciate, and love each other. There were barriers between them that needed to be addressed.

But despite their challenges, they knew deep down that they loved each other and were determined to fight for their relationship. They believed they were meant to be together.

That’s why they made the decision to take a break, understanding that without Austin and Lexi, there wouldn’t be any content to share.

So that is how they decided to take a break because, at the end of the day there would not be any content if there was not Austin and Lexi.

They took a ten-day break and managed to work some of the things out, but as everyone knows relationships are not easy they are a two-way street and Austin and Lexi never fell out of love with one another.

After the break, they did come back to social media but still do not post much as they seem to be enjoying traveling the world together.

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