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Are Peso Pluma and Anitta Dating or Is It Just Marketing

Peso Pluma and Anitta are either dating or putting on a marketing show.

Anitta and Peso Pluma are fully aware that everyone’s been keeping a close eye on them after their killer performances of “Bellakeo.”

Fans are practically shipping them together after seeing them on stage together. 

Anitta spilled the tea and didn’t exactly shut down the dating rumors – she simply mentioned that they vibe well together.

Their killer performances on stage have undoubtedly fueled the flames of speculation, reports. 

The way they effortlessly complement each other’s energy, seamlessly synchronizing their moves, and exchanging electrifying glances has captivated audiences worldwide.

While Anitta’s response may not have confirmed a romantic relationship, it certainly didn’t deny the possibility either. 

By acknowledging their strong connection and compatibility, she has left fans eagerly awaiting any further developments.

Peso and Anitta have a ship name, Plunitta 

However, one thing is for sure, the way these two shared the stage while Peso was still dating and after he broke up with his girlfriend is very very different.

And when what seemed to be them having quite the distance between them when dancing turned into practically rubbing against one another, which brought up the question was it all PR?

A breakdown of Annita and Peso Pluma’s performances 

The chemistry is undeniable!!

It’s no secret that big stars like Peso Pluma and Anitta love to strategically associate themselves with other artists or public figures to fulfill their commercial objectives. 

But seriously, what more do they want to achieve? Their song is already a freaking hit! 

That sensual dance on stage could it be more, because there is a big difference between the first time they performed it live and the most recent one a Coachella. 

For starters the distance was something everyone could see in the first performance, Peso did not make any moves to touch Anitta or anything, while she on the other hand was doing quite the sensual dance. 

Then when they took the stage at Coachella they were rubbing against one another, at one point Peso even put his hands on Anitta, on her butt too and the gazes they were exchanging were just wow!

Pluma has been called ‘feeling nervous’ when sharing the stage with Anitta, however, that happened only once, the next time they shared the stage he did not shy away.

He was strongly dominating the stage, looking at her dancing and he also touched her cheek while Anitta was just enjoying the performance and laughing. 

The Coachella performance and the TikTok in The Mix performance are like night and day! The energy between them was off the charts, they absolutely killed it. 

But why the sudden change in these performances that is the real question!! Did something happen between the two artists because otherwise, it looks like they just made a little noise to get more views. 

Anitta and Peso kissed on stage

After that awkward stage show they did together in December of 2023, four months later we had these two sharing a kiss on stage. 

Now the kiss appeared to be because of a game and it was a quick peck on the lips while the fans went crazy in the background. 

Pluma and Annita are friends?

These two have been filmed dancing rather closely off stage too and this was at the Latin AMAs after party. 

This means Anitta and Peso Pluma’s intimate connection goes beyond just their on-stage choreography; it also extends into their personal lives.

Not long after it they were also spotted leaving a restaurant with their hands wrapped around one another. 

Oh, and there is this video of them two along with a friend dancing and jamming in the car. These are things friends and lovers do too but since nothing has been confirmed we can only speculate. 

Peso is fresh out of a relationship he had with Nicki Nicole so maybe he is taking his time to move on and Anitta is just supporting him as a friend!! 

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