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All About Brooke Monk and Sam Dezz’s Love Story Because They Have Not Broken Up

Brooke Monk and Sam Dezz are will always be TikToks most loved couple.

Brooke and Sam are a perfect match. Their love and respect for each other is evident. We absolutely adore their drama-free relationship.

Sam and Brooke, are like the ultimate relationship goals! They are always there for each other, supporting and loving one another, reports.

Their vibes are so strong, that it gives me hope that true love really does exist. THESE two are absolutely amazing, and I seriously hope they never break up (because if they do I will start thinking that love does not exist). 

Alright, let’s spill the tea on their love story! We’re about to uncover the details of their first encounter, that magical first kiss, and their epic first date. 

And guess what? They didn’t stop there! They made the bold decision to become a powerful couple. So, how long have they been going strong? What’s in store for their future? Buckle up, because we’re diving headfirst into all of this today!

Brooke Monk and Sam Dazz

Brooke and Sam’s first meeting

The couple’s story began in 2020, during the pandemic. Brook traveled all the way from Denver to Los Angeles to meet Sam.

Her dad accompanied her and recorded the entire encounter. That’s when the couple had their first meeting.

But how did they get to this point? Well, one day, Brooke spotted this adorable guy and decided to slide into his DMs with a message like, “Hello Sir” and a smiley face.

Yep, she made the first move and even asked Sam to Facetime right after they started chatting.

However, Sam couldn’t because he didn’t want to wake up his parents. This went on for about a week until Brooke realized they didn’t have each other’s numbers. How were they supposed to call each other? 

So, she asked Sam for his number and decided to Facetime him. At that time, Sam was living in LA while Brooke was in Colorado.

Then, out of the blue, she told him she would be going to LA and showed up a week later with her dad. Imagine Sam’s surprised face! Who wouldn’t be surprised if the person they were talking to suddenly appeared with their dad?

Sam is Brooke’s first date, first kiss, and all that. From that time they connected over the phone they just knew they were meant to be together and that feeling of love was brewing inside of them.

Sam and Brooke’s first kiss story

They had been chatting online for months, but when they finally met in person, there was an instant connection. They had about four days to spend together, and it was magical.

Brooke’s dad was always by her side, being protective in a good way. However, somehow Sam managed to convince her dad to let him take her out in the morning.

The next day, they planned to go on a date at the Hollywood sign, but they ended up being too tired. Instead, they decided to grab a bite to eat, and that’s when the unexpected kiss happened.

During their conversation, Sam mentioned that he couldn’t believe Brook had never kissed anyone before. Curious, Brooke asked him why he brought it up. He simply replied, “Well, don’t you want to try it?” And without hesitation, she took the initiative and leaned in first.

Brooke and Sam’s social media influence

Yep, they’re one of those influencer couples who aren’t afraid to share content about their relationship. 

They constantly post on YouTube, covering different topics each day. They discuss things that most couples would shy away from and they’re always up for trying new things, playing games, and all that fun stuff.

Brooke has a whopping 32 million followers on her TikTok account, while Sam has a respectable 5 million. They also have a couple million more on their other social media accounts.

Despite the rumors of cheating and a breakup, Brooke and Sam have been together for four years now and their relationship seems to be stronger than ever.

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