What can I do...

By fame2fame | Dec 01 2014

There is this guy in the gym I met every time he's done with his routine he comes to me before leaving and asks me if I need any help or any thing I just replay no thank you for asking they days passed and we exchanged numbers
At the same night he called and we stay talking till dawn he asked if we can go out together and it was the weekend I just grabbed my sweater and waited he picked me up and we just kept talking and when I left he just hugged me and and then we kissed the next day we had sex he just lessen his texting and phone calls as I played hard to get but still from that day we haven't met while he said i was exceptional in bed...I wonder what made to stay away , in the contrary he still text me from time to time on whatsapp even he sends his naked upper body with a grin on his face you know I just like him that much and I keep thinking about him all the time I didnt call him once I
used to call the shots and I think he hates it
And I playing hard to get by nature please

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