Hello everyone :)
I already posted here a while ago about this guy.
Here's my story, sorry it's kind of a long read :

I met him a month ago at a nightclub, went home with him and we slept together (I know, dumb), ended staying the entire next day with him, he gave me his phone number, I didn't contact him but he found me on facebook and send me a message via fbook two days later.

We went on several dates after that. On the third date I slept with him again and oh horror horror I got my period while we were doing it although it wasn't due for 7 days (I'm on the pill so I have never been surprised like that) . I was so ashamed, I stained his white sheets and all. He was really nice about it, when I wanted to leave after that he stopped me and sort of held me in his arms for a few minutes saying really nice things like "it happens" and "I know you have no control over it" etc.

He contacted me again two days later and invited me to watch a movie at his place. We didn't sleep together since I was still on my period and just had a good time, I still spend the night there.

He left the city for a week after that, went home to his parents. He sent me a funny picture on the first day he left, saying he knew it would make me laugh. I answered. No reply. I sent another text asking him about his holiday. No reply. I get a text from him four days later like "hey how are you? how's work ? :) " I answered "I'm good, thks! you never answered my last text" and he said " I never got it... our conversation on my phone stops at the picture I sent you". I was having a really really bad day so I answered "I'm not sure I believe that and I don't like it when people lie to me,I think it'd be better if we stopped seeing each other." and he sent me like 3 texts repeating again and again that he hadn't gotten my text and that he wanted to see me again. At the same moment my mom called me and said "heyy you're not answering my texts lately" and I had been... so I figured my phone must have a problem because my mother wouldn't lie about not getting my texts. So I told the guy "hey sorry, I believe you, can we change the subject" and he said "okay sure although you were kind of hurtful".

He came back Monday from his holiday and we saw each other yesterday. He invited me to go to the movies and then we went to his place and slept together and it was wonderful.

Sometimes I feel like he likes me. I was messing around with my 3D glasses at the movies and he suddenly said "you're so beautiful" (he usually says that I'm cute or sweet which I hate, never beautiful) and we sort of awkwardly stopped talking after that. He's always the one making the first move, taking my hand, kissing me, edging closer to cuddle at night. And we laugh so much and have so much fun together.

But other than sending me texts to arrange a date, he almost never texts. He didn't add me on fbook. He's a bit cocky. When we start fooling around he acts like it's all so natural to him whereas I always feel a bit awkward, and he notices that and laughs, I feel like he's mocking me at times.

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