So I matched this guy from tinder, we started exchanging numbers then we keep texting back each other. He seems really sweet and nice guy til we decided to meet.. So we decided to have dinner, he was so amazed of how I look, he always compliments me .. & we had these very cheesy conversations & I get to know him better..our first date was really great. He likes me & I like him too, and we have all these connections.. So the next day, he started texting me .. Saying that he misses me, he can't wait to see me again blah blah...I can tell that he really likes me.. 4 days after I was wondering why he stops messaging me, but I was still waiting til he message me first. So I tried to text him asking if he's free on Saturday so we could hangout but he replied that he can't cozy he gonna attend a concert with his friends, he also said that I wish I could come to him but too bad the tickets are already sold out & he says he misses me.. So I was like ok, maybe next time. Then I never got a message from him again, then I was thinking maybe he don't wanna see me anymore, that's why he's not texting me or inviting me again. Then 5 days passed by I was surprised he texted me asking me another dinner date again, I was like sure... I tried to give him a second chance, so we went on our 2nd date.. He was really sweet, nice & gentlemen. We started drinking wines etc, & I'm kinda tipsy then he asked me nicely if he can kissed me? Then we started kissing.. Everything went well. & I know that he's really into me... So after we had the 2nd date, he never text me again.. It's been like 2 weeks since the last day we had 2nd date I got no message or calls from him.. I've been wondering why he never text me ,but still I have a pride that I'm not gonna text him first til he initiates it. I don't know what went wrong.. So I was trying to tell myself ,I need to move on this guy is a jerk! Then yesterday I was shocked again he texted me saying sorry if he didn't text me coz he had this final exams & was really busy at school.. Coz his a medical student! Then he started asking me that he's free now ,he's schedule is no longer busy maybe we could hangout again & telling me that he thinks about me all the time.. But I never replied to him, coz I feel like he's weird. He will only text me whenever he feels like texting me. So what is that supposed to mean? Is he really sincere about me?or he's just playing ..pls help

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