Sorry if this is long... I'm just really in need of advice!

Ok so I met this guy named Trevor when we were both working at a summer camp last year. I went for two weeks and when I got there my sister and her bf apparently had told him about me and said we'd be a good match... So things started out a little awkwardly haha.
They (and our other friends) would like push us together, and "accidentally" make us sit next to each other and stuff, so we got to know each other. Eventually he started teasing me, like trying to scare me or stealing my food and stuff, and I got a little fed up, but when I had to go after two weeks he told me (and I quote) "sorry I can be a turd sometimes" so that was funny.
Anyways so then after two more weeks at home figuring out thanI liked him (duh duhduh duh!)I was able to come back, but I was working in a different part of the camp so we didn't see each other as often, and when we did he would say stuff like "good afternoon" or just "hey" and walk right by me, sometimes without even making eye contact!
My sisters bf, who he's really good friends with, told me that Trevor said he liked me, even though he didn't even act like it... a couple days before I left, he asked me if I wanted to go to a fair with him that was in like a month. I said sure. He lives like five hours away from me, so we can't see each other too often.
We went to the fair together, and he brought a friend ao that it wasnt an official date, even though he lent me his sweater and went on rides with just us two. We had an awkward talk about "us" and decided to be just good friends and get to know each other better since neither of us are ready for a relationship.
we've seen each other like five times since then, usually he travels because he has relatives here, but whenever we see each other sometimes he won't even hug me or say hi when we meet and he doesn't make eye contact very well and I have to be the one to keep the conversation going.
He texted me in April that he had a friend who was hinting to him that he take her to prom, and asked if that was ok with me (even though we're "not in a relationship" lol) and I said yes.
I saw him again late April and we talked again and we both really like each other but decided that things probably won't work out between us since I'm going to a college for three months out of the country this fall & I'm working this summer so I can only visit a couple weekends of camp (he's going there again this summer). He wants to go to college for four years next fall out of state.
Things probably won't work out but we really like each other and I really hope somehow it works out, but he hasn't texted or facebooked or anything for like 2 weeks and last time we did I texted him first and it was a really short conversation.
I want to see him this summer but I'm really worried he'll find a new girl or something because it seems like he's lost interest in me? I don't know... I can't get to know him since we don't see each other as much as we'd like to but I know he definitely liked me a month ago. I'm sorry if this is really confusing I just don't want to give up on this even though the odds are against us.
If you read this whole thing I love you haha thanks :)

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