The story is i have seen this guy three times on actual dates. Two of them was to days in a row and the third one the uppcomming sunday. We have a good vibe. But lately I have been very unsure. Probably in my head, and that is why i hate dating. All the waiting around. Where do we stand etc. He planned a real date with a picknik in the park for the first date. Nice and all, but i really did not feel a spark. But because he seemed like a genuially nice guy, and they dont come around often, we met up again. The last date was in a museum, but he seemed bored and tired. Later the same evening we went to my place and we ended up cuddeling. I asked him if he wanted to take a walk, but he only wanted to cuddle. Now I ask myself... When is to soon to have sex, how much contact should you have early in a relationship? And do you guys have any dealbreakers for a blossoming relationship?

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