I met up with this guy from online. He texted me the next day saying he had a great time. He had alluded to doing something again during our "meet up." We texted every day for about a month after that...he texted first 60% of the time. The problem: no second date. He would say things like "when can I see you again?" Or "I want to see you this week if you want, but I'm kinda busy every day." (What?). He went out of town every weekend for various things and would send me pictures from each place. He would also talk about things he wanted to do together such as running, playing pool, making dinner. Yet he was always too busy with work and soccer, but promised that the busy time would end soon. Cancelled what was supposed to be our second date, but kept texting me every day after that. Finally, I got fed up and called him out for stringing me along. He said he wasn't and wanted to hang out again, if I did. Still nothing. Was I just an ego boost? He had added me on Facebook a couple days after meeting in person, and there's no evidence of a girlfriend or anything.

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