Prom and high school within a week...

By radvibes13 | May 12 2016

I am very confused and embarrassed. So this guy(a Sr.) that I ( a Jr.)l like is often staring at me. We were in the same prom group with different dates, and my mom who was taking the pictures noticed him staring at me often. I then noticed this at the actual prom and still happening at school 4 days later.

we have hung out in a group together once about 3-4 months ago after a school dance, this is when I realized I liked him) and I got his snapchat from a friends friend, and snapped him a simple pic saying hey. he opened it but didn't reply.

When I noticed him staring at me so much, I thought that maybe he finds me attractive and I now have a shot. I was afraid to snap him again in case he would do the same thing, but I was told to man up and do it, so I snapped him again the week after prom hoping to strike up a conversation by asking him if he wanted any of the rom pics my mom took.

He once again opened it and didn't reply.

Now I feel really dumb and embarrassed and don't know if he just isn't really into snapchatting, as this is his only source of social media, or If his prom date (a Sophomore) is actually his girl friend. she told me during pictures that he was her bf and asked her to prom three days before. I didn't know if I believed her because no one else in the school knew of their "relationship" and during the pictures they didn't act like a couple at all, barely walking next o each other. (they definitely danced like a couple at prom though, but even during some slow sons he and I would make eye contact). I am really scared to see him at school tomorrow in fear he may not like me anymore or something. I want to be able to get his attention before he graduates. HELP! WHAT DO I DO?

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