Do you think he's attracted to me If he is, what should I do...

By dramaisforllamas | Aug 02 2014

Ok, there's this guy who randomly added me on snapchat after me posting my username on instagram, and he's really sweet, not to mention very attractive. Now he's been following me on insta since my cousin posted a picture of her and I on her account, which was weeks ago (they go to school with eachother). He snapchatted me saying hi and that he didn't want to seem like a creeper and he told me who he was. We ended up snapchatting till' 4 AM, we started snapchatting around 7PM before that. Almost everyday since then we've been non stop snapchatting each other till the wee hours of the morning. We have A LOT in common, but he's got a shy personality. He said I'm cute, but I wanna know how he really feels. I mean guys don't usually stay up that late just to talk to a girl, especially for days on end.

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