I was seeing this guy for about 4 weeks until he said we should "just be friends". After that, I was trying to act like a friend to him even though we did get intimate when we were dating. Last time we hung out was over lunch about 5 weeks ago. And we had a hangout planned for a Saturday about 4 weeks ago that he bailed on for being "hungover". Which happens. Anyhow. So I was playing it cool with him, and I stopped texting him last week. Then he started initiating more texts, but they aren't as frequent anymore. Now it's like 1-2 times a week. Yet he keeps saying "let's hang soon" "I wanna see you" "I was thinking of you". I know he has depression issues and whatever and he also got out of a bad relationship about 3 years ago, but would that baggage stop him?

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