I met a guy just over a month ago. Made plans to meet for drinks on a Friday. Thursday before my plans in the evening changed and since we were txting he asked if I wanted to meet him Thursday evening as he was suddenly free as well. It went great. He asked me that night if we were still going to get together the next day (date of our original plans to meet) So we did. Went out for dinner, drinks, bowling and a movie. He continued to txt me and then visited on the following Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday then I was out of town over the weekend where again he kept in constant contact. We both have shared custody of children from previous relationships and so that schedule doesn't allow us to see each other all the time. He invited me out to his place to spend the night a couple weeks after we met. Then a few nights later I ended up spending the night again. He made me dinner and breakfast the next day. We spent hours playing games, having drinks and listening to music. A really great time.

Now all of the sudden in the past week he hasn't been txting and I noticed that it was always me making the first contact. Once I noticed that I started txting later and later in the day - kind of waiting to see if he was going to say hi/good morning first. He wasn't. *Note I know he has a lot going on in his life as do I but the contact was great and now its basically non-existent unless I make the contact first (then he responds almost right away)

I feel he is pulling away. There has been no talking about getting together again. Last message was good morning how's it going - he responded asked how I was - I responded and then nothing...

What do I do? I have read it is completely normal for men to pull away after first getting to know you but does that mean I shouldn't txt him at all. What if he thinks I have completely lost interest when that isn't the case. Do I question anything? Just leave it?

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I met this great guy. He's pulling back. It's been 3 days since I've heard from him. What do I do?

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