Did I make it seem like I only think of him as a friend Or simply...

By cityslickergonewild | Jul 16 2014

I've recently realized that I love him and desire to be in a romantic relationship. He has liked me in the past but I could have cared less. I fear that because I didn't care for him then, at all. Now he realizes he doesn't need people like me in his life, even when I show him the most love and give him lots of attention. If he wasn't so "busy" I'd for sure have him as my #1 priority. If you've read the petit prince he is DEFINITELY my rose! He is more special than anyone else in the world!

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so me and this guy always greeted each other with hugs each time we met. And while chatting he will call me "baby" and flirt with me. and one day he even asked "Is it just me or is there an urge to kiss each other each other when we hug?" and I replied saying "lol its not just you, but then maybe there's chemistry" one day while chatting realising that I like him I asked him if it would be wrong if I fell for him then he said in some way... as he has a girlfriend. and that's when I backed away since well we were both also focused on exams.

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Night stinky, hope you sleep well

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