How do I even go about bringing this up ...

By thanksfrthmmrs | Oct 25 2015

I met this guy online and we have been in a relationship for a month now. He's very kind, respectful, educated, and really cares about me. In the beginning I really enjoyed the attention and care he was giving me, but now I realized I kind of just liked the idea of him. This is my first relationship so I was floored that someone could just care about me in this way. After 3 dates and maybe 3 weeks of being with each other he told me he loved me. Recently I brought it up that I'm not sure if I love him because he said it too soon, but now I realize that I don't think I'll ever love him. We are two very different people and we have different outlooks on certain things. I also feel this relationship went too fast and I'm not ready to be with someone as of now. We've been hanging out once a week but I don't even know how to bring this up without blindsiding him. I don't want to be with him anymore.

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