Ok ladies I need your advice. I met this guy a month ago. We started talking and have some things in common. At first he was the one texting me but now a few weeks have passed and well it seems like I'm the one who's initiating things. Last week he was being super cute w me and telling me good morning beautiful and cute things but now this is week I feel like he's gotten annoyed or simply loosing interest. I think that I came of as needy and I think that's why he doesn't want to try and hang out. Last night I let my anxiety get to me and I asked him what was up and what had happened to the guy (him) I was talking to last week. He told me that he was gets busy and he likes to chill by himself sometimes. Also he told me that I don't need to be texting him every hour or every day because last night I will admit I was sending him a few snapchats. Now I don't know how to interpret as if he doesn't want me to text him anymore or if he just simply cut me off. I really like this guy and I don't know if I ruined my chance with him.

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