After becoming quite close over 3 month time period we had a misunderstanding, I behaved poorly and probably really freaked him out. He apologized and wanted to work it out but I was sleeping and never responded to his texts, I decided out of embarrassment and hurt to just do no contact for awhile. He responded by going on such an intense drinking binge he was hospitalized. Detoxing, acute pancreatitis, etc. He'd posted on fb that his phone was lost (that night of our altercation)....we texted minimally during his hospital stay, he said he needed peace and that he didn't know of anything I could do for him, I'd offered to come see him, make him laugh...but also indicated I was hesitant as he needs to get well. He was always updating me (instant messaging) regarding his prognosis. I was really tired of feeling confused! So I messaged him saying its best if he doesn't contact me anymore, and what response would he think I'd have when he said he was in hospital? I did the stupidest thing and forwarded him all of his own texts when he had profusely apologized for being a dick earlier in the week. For the most part I was all about NO CONTACT thdn requested that he stop contact as well .... My heart still hurts, its been 10 days or so, miss him but getting a little better everyday. Question is: WHY did he "like" my fb post less than a week after I said no more contact? Is he trying to reach out? Does he just like the picture? It indicates I'm in London, after 6 years of being fb friend this is one and only time he's ever "liked" one of my posts! What's with this guy? I thought it was bold. I wonder if I'm reaching for something behind it....please help.

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