I am confused, is he interested or just wants friendship? Here is the story in short. We dated briefly (a couple of months last year, no sex involved) but broke up for silly reasons. Broken-hearted I left the country and was away for nearly 3 months with no contact during this time. When I returned, we ran into each other on the road, he seemed a bit emotional when he saw me and suggested we meet up for dinner because he was keen to hear about my experience abroad. We met and spent about 4 hours together talking about everything; the evening was amazing. Our connection was electrifying...he insisted on paying for dinner and coffee and then offered to walk me home. Since the whole evening was pretty light-hearted and fun, no heavy relationship/personal talk happened, I guess, it would have been inappropriate anyway. But then when I said goodbye to him at my doorstep, I extended my hand for a handshake. I was unsure of where I stood with him and did not want to come across as a total idiot. Anyway, fast-forward, a couple of weeks later, over text he suggested another dinner to which I replied that sure, and this time I would invite him to maintain some balance. Somehow I felt it was on me to arrange a date and time since I would be paying - so I said I would contact him the following week to make plans. It felt hard to initiate this invite - however, had I not done it, he would have thought I did not keep my word or I was playing immature games; hence I sent him an email last Tuesday - basically, one liner, asking how his week has been and if having dinner is still on, how about meeting 2 days later? 15 minutes later he replies that he is swamped with work this week, then writes: "Rain check (next week) and as penalty I pay for dinner?" Then he went on asking how I was doing... About 1.5 hours later I replied and shared a few things about my week and then at the end of the email I added a sentence saying that my availability for next week was the same day/time as the one I initially suggested.

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