We met on a cruise. He lives in FL, I live in OH. Fortunately though we text and skype and call. I wish we lived closer, but for now, we'll just havw to talk on the phone amd things like that. On the cruise, we stayed out til 3 a.m holding hands and he put his arm around me at one point. Though now, he isn't answering my texts. I've sent three. I know that might be one too many, but i really like this guy. I cried for a good hour after the cruise. I cried again 6 times after that. I think i might be in love. I feel like instead of falling in love, i'm flying in love because when you fall in love, you have that insecurity that you will hit the ground. Fly in love and you know you can make it through anything. But yeah, you see my problem.

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