I messaged a guy on facebook (never met him) about 4 weeks ago saying he was cute. He messaged me back asking if I wanted to get to know him. He was traveling in South America during this time and got back a week ago. He was sick when he got back and is also moving into a new place. We had some intense texting for three days. He said multiple times we are definitely going out. I invited him out last weekend and he said he was super wiped from moving but that we would get together very soon. We've exchanged a text or two since then and I decided to totally back off and let him make the plans. I'm so ansty, I don't even know if we will like eachother. We haven't talked for two days. I don't want to be pushy and certainly would prefer he come to me and make the plans. I also don't want to be yanked around if he has no intention of meeting up.

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