My boyfriend and I have been dating for six months now. His parents live across the country so he doesn't see them that often. My parents on the other hand live an hour away and we are very close. My mother and I especially are very close- I consider her one of my best friends. This is important to know because my boyfriend and my parents have not met yet. My boyfriend HAS met my sister but not my parents. I really want them to meet because obviously each person is a big part of my life and having one have not met the other just seems strange to me. It's like having your boyfriend not ever meet your best friend. In the past, I've casually invited him to day trips of meeting my mom to which he has always said he had to work. (He works from home and works really sporadically- and must be near a computer) I don't know if he's trying to dodge the situation completely or if he genuinely has just had to work all these times. Thanksgiving is this weekend, and I want to invite him- but if he declines with an excuse.. Is he maybe not that serious about me? I've never had this issue with boyfriends in the past as I lived at home and overall meeting the parents is not a big deal to me.

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