So met this guy about 4 years ago and I had a crush on him and apparently so did he but I was too dumb to realize it and we'll time went by and obviously people change and so did he. Well anyway the guy I had a crush on since forever messaged me and we had like a back and forth basic "how you doing?" "How's school type thing" but then we hung out, talked for like 2 hours and then kinda made out which I think he liked it because he was seriously shaking but I don't know if he does that with everyone, im not really experience but it's never happened before with other guys. I really like him and I should've probably not made out with him and I kinda wanna tell him I like him but when we were talking he mentioned hooking up with a lot of girls and just being in long dating relationships. I've never really been in a relationship so maybe I just want to be in one so bad but I don't know, What should I do?

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