I (f24) recently reconnected with an old friend (m25) from college, he had always flirted with me but been shy and I dated his best friend for a while. I never really looked at him all the way, of course he was cute but when we recconeccted it was like I was seeing him for the first time. We started talking in October 2013 and communicated off and on throughout the winter and spring slowly escalating into talking everyday. He is in a band for a living and often tours, when he was on tour he would text me non stop 24hrs a day. We started video chatting and sending selfies back and forth with out own little code, he would send me videos and music he was working on and all sorts of stuff. Problem was, he was slowly ending a long distance relationship and it wasn’t going well. I know this should have been a red flag but I just couldn’t help it. When he and his ex finally broke it off for good we hung out constantly for two weeks. He left for a few shows in LA, which is where she lives, and fell off the map. For two weeks he texted me maybe once every 3 days and always in the middle of the night. He never said when he was coming back but did say that he had decided to give up his apartment in the city and live in the country for a while. When he finally came back to the city he didn’t tell me he was back until 3 days later and then things resumed as normal. He explained that it had been tense in LA with lots of drama and he checked out from everybody. Apologies aside, I let it slide. He moved out of his apartment and moved to the country and then things started getting weird. Lately he has been all over the place sending me mixed signals.

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