What to do about my boyfriend when he said he can't "emotionally...

By sheerstonegirl | May 21 2016

I have been with my boyfriend for nearly six months and we never ever argue while we were dating. However, knowing that I might have to leave for my internship which made us have alot of discussion about this. At first he was willing to try long distance relationship. Now he has changed his mind and said that he can't emotionally carry on. He can't stand seeing us arguing about the long distance and fought about it. He said he can't stand seeing the girl he love is going to change and he wants to end it with good memories we had. I managed to somehow conviced him yesterday and he said he will try to carry on for me and I ask him if he is going to be normal. But the way he texted is so short and not the same when I text him normally. I don't know what to do about him, please help me!!!

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