We are colleague, started at whatsapp chatting about random things. He text me on Christmas and saying he will give me himself as Christmas gift and asked me to give him myself back on New year. We had a dessert time which happen nothing. It became flirting on whatsapp since then. On business trip, we had sexy for twice and totally acting like couple . But he did not said anything to me, and when I asked him what actually he want it. He just told me that was not one time stuff, he need time to know me more, and it was not a right timing. After a week, I had found out he had a girlfriend which hide from everyone. I was heart broken, and cut off all contact with him. He seems like really care me, and keep wanna see me and wanna talk face to face at that time, I rejected. Then he sent me a message told me that he was going to broke up with his girlfriend, he did not wanna lie to me but things just happen too fast and went out of his control. And He wont say anything before he cleared up his relationship, but he wish I could wait for him, although he has no right to asked. Already been a month, sometime he still text me about some funny around.

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