Long distance relationship break

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So we live some 1,300 miles apart and met via a Facebook group in June 2014 and started talking in November 2014. He told me he liked me in January 2015 (still never having met) and I told him I liked him too.

We primarily texted each other with the ocassional phone call and became best friends over the next four months. We developed a very deep emotional connection and were serious enough to have discussed a timeline for a proposal, the type of wedding we'd each like to have, the type of life we'd have together, etc. Honestly, I fell in love with him. All the while, we had never met! (Okay, I'm totally aware of the insanity of that situation and how naive I sound for progressing to that level without ever actually meeting--or even FaceTiming--but we do have mutual friends whom I know well IRL who vouched that he was a great guy an not a psycho killer.)

At the end of April, we FINALLY met at a conference and, after the initial awkwardness wore off, acted like we'd known each other forever. It all seemed great...Until five days after the conference when he said that, even though his feelings for me had been solidified during the conference, that he just felt that the timing was off and wanted to be friends. He cancelled the trip he was going to make to visit me and meet my family and we attempted the whole "just friends" thing until I pushed a little too hard by calling him for a legitimate question that only he could answer. He told me that talking to me was just too hard and that, at most we could text every few days. In my hurt and anger, I told him that I wouldn't contact him again unless he messaged so it wouldn't be difficult for him (I caved after 8 days of no contact and complete misery).

At some point during this time, he had the idea to start a new online magazine and wanted my help with it. When we decided to break off contact he told me to run with it on my own. I told him I wouldn't do that because it was his baby but eventually was cornered into doing it by a few other friends. When I began to promote the magazine he messaged me asking to get involved and this eventually led to us having a solid working relationship.

Then came the "I miss you" message in July. So we decided to try to pick up where we'd left off. Just as we were ready to finally make things official and spend a whole week together (we would be in the same town again for another conference), he told me that he felt the timing was off still. I was sort of feeling the same way, plus things never really got back to the level of intimacy we were at before the break and I was beginning to feel confused about whether he was really someone I was romantically interested or just wanted as a very good friend.

That was three weeks ago. We kept talking to each other regularly though and helped each other through some really rough patches that came up all at once over this time. I also came to the realization that I am still crazy about him and that the wall I had put up after our initial split was what had kept us from connecting the way we had before and worked on some things that were making the timing feel off. He also worked out some issues on his end and on Saturday he suggested we try to give things a real go, dating for a year or two and intentionally not trying to rush into a super-serious commitment (i.e. marriage) too soon. I didn't give him a definitive yes but suggested I'd be open to it.

Today, he resumed his old super-sweet good morning text messages and it's felt like all is right with the world again.

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