Basically, I'm not sure if being together for exactly five months can still be called a new relationship. But we were always hanging out and staying the night at each other's place for the first few months. He would always try to find a way to ask me to stay the night or a few nights with him even if it's just hanging around the house. Then after the few months has passed by, we just started doing it less than usual. I feel like he's drifting a little away from me as time passes by.

He's the shy type, good listener, very helpful and can be a little naughty sometimes when we're all alone or when no one's looking (hahah). So I never dare ask him about this type of things because I know he wouldn't dare say anything that might hurt my feelings which can mislead me in some way (I'm sort of bipolar) but I still want to know the ugly truth.

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