Keep in short,
Meet a guy in traffic, he is someone who is in the public eye and has a busy lifestyle. My friend sent a message via social media after spotting him. He then got in contact with me as I was tagged in it. We then started talking and forwardly he said would I like to take a stroll somewhere. I was physically attracted to him and he seemed like a nice guy so I thought why not. From there we continued to talk and continued to meet up. It moved quickly. He seemed so lovely and caring always saying meaningful words to me that you shouldn’t say if you don’t mean. We would always have fun together and I was always happy in his company. Althought it was always quiet cheeky.
But all of a sudden he started acting odd, he went quiet on me, I couldn’t understand why continuous excuses and plans out the window I didn’t get it. I said to him if you don’t want to see me tell me now I don’t want to waste my time. He said it wasn’t the case and I had it all completely wrong. He then apologised for being so shit and I saw him for this was the last time. I really did like him, and I finally felt bodily comfortable with a guy which was a big deal for me due to insecurities. Now I work two jobs, my employer knew I was seeing him and her husband did too. In his office a girl mentioned that her friend had been seeing him so they told me as soon as he overheard the information I didn’t pay much into it as this was at the start of seeing him I couldn’t believe for a minute that could be true. Well I was wrong.. the saying it’s a small world is so true. I messaged him after a week of nothing. Saying whats going on, haven’t heard from you. Ignored instantly, the following day he kept calling messaged me panic mode to call. My employer saw him calling as she was in the room at the time and had something to tell me. She said that theyd found out today that the girl has been seeing him and its got serious and they mentioned I had too . It then occurred why he was frantically calling. I was so furious and didn’t want to believe it. He messaged saying he has something he wanted to talk about hoping I wouldn’t already know. But I did. After purposely ignoring most calls I finally spoke to him. He phoned he explained what had happened. How he was sorry, he made a foolish decision. He said he met me and he was lusting and every word he’s breathed to me came from genuine feeling said things just happened in the moment and I was such an amazing beautiful girl and he can’t apologies enough for what he’s done to me. But if you felt this way you wouldn’t of done it. I was too upset to speak so I got off the phone. He then came back the next day apologising and wanting to know if I and the girl had been in contact. This sparked in my head if he knows I haven’t then he can worm his way out?? Of all the millions who live in this world I bet he never expected to be caught. For me it irons out why he went quiet. Because of her. He said hed never been in this situation before and he wants to get out, well sorry you have no one to blame but yourself. He just wont stop apologizing somehow that would feels of empty feeling to me because whats been done is unforgivable. Its horrible to think that a guy is with you one night and the next someone else. My head is all over the place analysing things I truly did really like him and he’s now gone… I know I wasn’t in a relationship with him but I was seeing him and things happened I believe if this is happening you should only stick to one person if it goes into the bedroom. Do I have reasoning to be mad at him?he told me I need to calm down on the phone. Im driving myself mad please help… timing wasn’t right..

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