I had class with this guy last year for a semester and we never talked but I would always notice him looking at me. He apparently got a girlfriend in December and they have been dating up until about 3-4 weeks ago. I found this out because my friend is his neighbor and she hasn't seen his girlfriend over in a while and they both removed all the pictures of each other off of their social media. What prompted me to check for all that was he was a ting a little "out of it" one day and I decided to get to the bottom of it.

I have class with him this semester and he always stares at me and it's sometimes a little awkward. It's also noticeable to other people in the class too because my friend who is in that same class with me texted me telling me about it.

I have followed him on instagram and he followed me back and I have liked all 4-5 pictures that he has posted in the last two weeks I have been following him. He hasn't liked any of mine. I added him on snapchat the night before last and the next day around 4ish he added me and snapchatted me saying "hey" and then I responded with a "hey" and then he said "what's up" then I snapped him that I was doing homework (for the class hat we are in together) and then we snapped back and forth a couple more times until he snapped me and I didn't respond (rude-I know). I sent him a snapchat this morning before school and he opened it and didn't reply. I thought that since I didn't respond to him that he was doing the same but he would respond if I sent him one later. I sent him one a few hours later and he has still joy reponded even though he opened it. He has also sent one or two snapchats because I saw that his score had gone up a few points.

I like him but we are opposites in a way. He is very country and a tad redneck (not bad though) and I am very classy and preppy. However, we are both quiet, because we are both quiet flirting has been kind of hard because I have tried to really put myself in the line and out of my comfort zone and it seems that it's not really working because he's not replying to my snapchat.

Also, I know the girl that is his #1 best friend on snapchat and my friend mentioned the guy I like to her and she said that they have been friends since elementary school and that she thinks he's very "sexy". We aren't very good friends, we are more like aquaintences. The girl also asked my friend if she knew of anyone who liked him. This Kayla girl knows I am friends with the girl who asked her about the guy. She also saw my snapchat story and I have a good feeling that she saw that the guy that we both like is on my snapchat best friend list.

Also, his ex-girlfriend (who I'm way cuter than (just btw)) still likes all of his Instagram pictures.

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