I am very confused I don't know what to think basically just made...

By brianaisabelhigareda | Nov 17 2014

Okay so I've been talking to this guy since March of this year. I met him through the family, we started going on dates in August. it was a problem of him not texting me or him not calling me. there would be times where I would text him he wouldn't text me back only thing was I never call him on the phone. We would go on a date and a whole two weeks passed and I wouldn't hear from him, I was the one always approaching him then he would approach me whenever I wouldn't text him..... Just last week I invited him over my house we cuddled watched movies and of course we had sex for the first time I wasn't looking forward to that but I really really like him I can see myself marrying him in the future and I can see myself with him.... I always tell myself he's the one.... Before we even had sex we had a conversation go on talking about where would we end up if this happened (sex) he told me he really likes me he's very attracted to me no he's not in love with me but he's not ready for a relationship right now.... He said I have a lot of my plate and you have a lot on yours I'm not saying I will never be able to Love you later on or you can also love me later from here.... He told me I don't want you to give me your heart right away cause I don't want to reject it..... He said he doesn't want to hurt me but it's weird I'm confused he told me in October he was going to commit to me that he was going to be loyal and faithful to me, why commit to me if he's not ready to be in a relationship? He said no I don't have a girlfriend no I'm not talking to my daughter's mother and no I'm not talking to anyone else you can look through my phone right now..... Anyways the day after we had sex I invited him to come with me to my family's house and he told me sorry I won't be able to I'm at the gym I have a racquetball tournament so I said okay.... Since parents wer on vacation I talked to him later that night saying what are you doing he said nothing resting how about you I said I'm here at home alone bored ALONE :( LOL he responded ( LOL good night)..... < this response. Made me feel like shit..... So I took that in the next morning I woke up called him I said do you want to come over I want to cook dinner today and It will be nice if you can come over and have dinner with me he said sorry I have plans with my family in Chicago tonight they're having dinner at their house i said oh okay. After that he never responded back I never texted him it took him two days to text me back all he said was "hey"

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I met this boy at a New Years Eve party last year and we exchanged numbers. He lives like 20 minutes away from me, but we never see each other. We texted all the time though. One day we texted from 8am to after midnight. But in the past few months we haven't really been texting. Sometimes I will text him and not get a response. He used to text first but now he never does. He is sorta kinda perfect for me, but I'm pretty sure he doesn't like me back.

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