So does he like me or is he getting back with her...

By sandy93_2 | Apr 10 2014

So I went on a date with this guy and didn't exactly realize it. During this date I might have pushed him back towards his ex girlfriend... Then I saw them together out driving (with another person) and he made a point to say "HEYYY" and get my attention even though he obviously didn't have to, because I didn't even realize it was him. Then we went on another date and he brought it up saying how much he regretted hanging out with her... But then he hungout with her again? So I'm just wondering what the deal is. When we hangout, he ignores his phone. When he's with her he's constantly snapchatting me and texting me. So what's the deal? Why is he saying he regrets hanging out with her but then hangs out with her again...and is still in constant contact with me? I'm so confused. Also, their relationship ended when she cheated on him..

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