What does he want from me...

By glitterjess | Oct 09 2015

I met this really cute guy at a party last weekend and I don't know what he wants. So, after the party ended I was slightly drunk and 10 minutes later he texted "it was really nice meeting you tonight" and I gave him the heart eyes and passed out. Then we talked more the next day and he wanted to hang out but I had too much homework. And the next day he texted me asking how I was and telling me about his book report. This continue the whole week, and he found out I was in his class and asked to have study dates sometimes. I'm really starting to like him but before I go any further I want to know what he wants/where he stands. Does he just want to hook up and playing it nice, or is he actually interested in being with me? How do I find out without asking directly. And what do you guys think?

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