So there is this guy, he is 3 years older than me so a senior in high school. We have been chatting a lot lately, he has been a family friend of mine for 2 years and we kind of see them a decent amount since they live 2 hours away. Just recently we went camping and he wrapped his arm around me trying to keep me warm in our boat, also in the morning he complimented me on how I looked and asked my brother if I liked him, since they are both good friends. Also he had suggested to hang out and invited me to visit him with some of his friends. But I am slightly confused because usually he asks loads of questions and responds pretty quickly, but today he has been like a few hours between messages. I know it is sad that I care so much, but I am just confused. Also one minute he acts all flirty and then the next like a friend. Now today is the first time he just is being kind of quieter. Help please!!

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