Me & my boyfriend were together for 6 months & then broke up because he was talking to ex. Then we got back together a month & a half later & I forgave him. He was 100% faithful the whole time, but he wouldn't give me attention & he would never make time for me and the plans we had. We started falling apart & were on the edge of breaking up, so my sister showed me this kid, & we started flirting. I felt guilty so I told my boyfriend. I told him I think we need a break, & then he said we need time apart, & I agreed. The next morning he texted me saying "Goodmorning beautiful" & asked what would change if we got back together. I understand he was hurt, I've been there. We talked and agreed that we should take it slow, talk, and see how it goes. Everytime id try to text him he would ignore me or be short and then quit. I told him i was just gonna stop trying & give him space. He said thanks. a few days later he texted me & brought me a slushie out of nowhere & kissed me & won't talk to me

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