I've had two really good dates with a new guy and we barely text except to say hi and arrange a date. He's been a bit flakey getting back to me on things, so I've backed off a lot. He texted this week, apologized for not responding to me and then asked what I was up to this weekend. I mentioned that it was up for grabs, so he suggests we go out either Sat./Sun afternoon. I say why not Saturday and he comes back with saying he isn't sure if he's free because of a party that may or may not be going on during the afternoon, but that he'd check and "definitely" let me know if he was indeed free. This threw me a bit, but I said sure, that works. It's now Friday and I have yet to hear from him. Do I wait and let him follow-through with his plan to get back to me (or not) or do I prod him a bit with a friendly "How's tomorrow looking?" I'm leaning towards remaining chill and planning my own things since so far, it's been radio silence from his side.

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