Last Minute Flake...

By cupcake_5 | Aug 18 2015

I met this guy on Tinder about 5 weeks ago. We went on 2 dates, however they both felt really platonic (only hello and goodbye hugs) We text in between and I flirt really hard to make sure he knows I'm interested and he usually replies really quick

We made plans late Friday night to meet up for dinner on Saturday. 45 minutes before we were supposed to meet he texts me saying that he was too hungover and feeling too sick to meet. He said he would keep me posted if he felt better later and wanted to hang out but I now haven't heard back from him for 3 days and I don't really want to be the one to initiate a conversation when I got blown off like that so last minute.

What's up with this guy and should I even expect a follow up from him?

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