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By ayar | Feb 19 2014

Ex-boyfriend added me on fb after I wished him happy new year. Two weeks later he began to start conversations (job, hobbies) - but sometimes he took days to answer back.

So I texted him "I decided to contact you because I missed our conversations. So without any misunderstanding let's just be friends".

Him : I didn't expect to hear from you, since the way you break up. You are very smart and interesting, so I like to talk to you too. There's no misunderstanding since I noticed that you're in a relationship ! "

Me : "I lost my relationship status at poker, he's gay".

He didn't answer back. I don't know if he has a girlfriend...

P.S : he started conversations before this relationship status, and he knows that I like poker, but instead of playing money it's about jokes.

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