So there's this guy that used to come to my school but he's finished now. (I'm in my last year of school now) When he was in grade 9, he dated my bestfriend but this is long over. Anyway, we became really really close just as friends when he was in grade 11, but there was nothing between us because he had a girlfriend and I was seeing this other guy but we were always really, really flirty and got along really well!! Also, when I was seeing this other guy and things would go wrong, he would always be there for me telling me I don't deserve what's happening and that any guy would be lucky to have me and he's not the type of person to say this sort of stuff. Anyway, when he was close to finishing grade 12, he told me he used to have a crush on me earlier in the year and was confused about how he felt for me the year before but he never thought I'd feel the same so he never acted on it and I admitted that I felt the same. This never changed anything and we'd still talk a lot and every now and again, we'd speak about how we used to like each other. Last year, close to Christmas, we both went to the same party and we were getting along real well and having fun. We then went to our friend groups and sat and he texted me saying "Come outside to talk?" but I didn't feel comfortable to do so, considering my bestfriend was there - not that she cares because has a new boyfriend but it just didn't feel right. So I didn't. But he kept asking and hinting to go and talk and each time, I didn't even though I really wanted to. In time, I realised he was annoyed. That night, I called him after the party and we spoke and he said he wanted to tell me that he likes me, but was now too annoyed at the fact that I blew him off. Then things became really rough and I tried talking to him for a while but it didn't work like before. So I left it. We'd speak as friends, normally, every couple of months or so and see each other at gatherings and flirt and speak a bit but nothing would follow through. The other day we saw each other and it felt different. We looked at each other a lot but we didn't get a chance to speak. He messaged me saying "Thanks for saying hi" and I told him I wanted to but it felt weird. We spoke for many days on end after that and soon after, we spoke on the phone. He told me he had obvious feelings for me still and didn't know how to act on them but regrets that he didn't follow through with anything before and I agreed that I felt the same way. He also told me that he wants things to work out after I finish school because that's when it'd be least complicated. He asked me to come to this party on the weekend, so we could talk about "us"?????? I do like him and if things keep going, I would date him.

P.S He's never dirty with me or initiates ANYTHING sexual so he can't be using me.
P.P.S My bestfriend doesn't mind and is encourages whatever I'd like to do (she's a gem), so please no hateful comments about that

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