Met this guy online a while ago. We really hit it off and get along really well. We talked online for about two months straight. About a month ago he finally asked if I wanted to text with him. I gave him my number and we started texting. About a day later after we started texting he added me on snapchat with me knowing about it. So we've been texting everyday since then and only snapping each other once in a while. He has yet to ask me out in the three months we've been talking. He and I are both in college and he also works two jobs, usually 5-6 days a week and we live 50 minutes apart. So far it's been great getting to know him through texting and snapping, but yesterday he was at his job (a photobooth company) and he texted me this:
Him: So. Much. Disney.
Me: I'll take it, its a Disney themed wedding?
Him: Yup, this is the stuff nightmares are made of
Me: Lmao! I almost feel bad for you right now haha
Him: Had my ex not broken up with me, I'm assuming I'd be stuck with more Disney
Me: Haha why?
Him: She LOVED Disney
Me: I take it, it was overwhelming? haha
Him: Mhm
Me: Haha I apologize :P
Him: Not your fault
After that the conversation went on normally, though he responded back less (I'm assuming because he was working). He sent me a text around midnight last night and I didn't respond until this morning because I was asleep and he hasn't replied to my text yet. However, he has looked at my snapchat story at least twice that I know of today. Also, last night he put pictures of him and another girl in the photobooth together.

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