So I met this guy on tinder. We went on two dates (we have made out) and then I had to go on a month long business trip. I wasn't expecting him to message me until I got back but he did during the trip anyway. We talked every couple of days and I wasn't always responsive because I had a lot of work to do and my internet was sporadic but it was good banter. He always initiated these texts. Anyway, I messaged him when I returned- he seemed excited and set a date.
We went for all you can eat sushi last Wednesday and it was pretty fun even though I was a bit tired. As I returned to my car, he immediately asked when we could have our next date. We made plans for dinner on this coming Tuesday-it was the only evening I had free. But he didn't kiss me- he hesitated. And then he messaged me when he returned home to tell me that we'd have a good time and said we'd hopefully have lots more sushi together.
That's the last I heard from him. I messaged him on Friday about this movie I was going to see (he wanted me to tell him how it was) but got no response. He was last active on facebook messenger on Friday night so I know he saw my message but he hasn't been on since.
It's now Sunday afternoon and I haven't heard from him at all since Wednesday night. We did go three or four days without talking but he's never ignored a message before.

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