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By chaptonella | Dec 03 2015

Okay so I have had very strong feelings for one of my best friends (let's call him Idiot), and I have never been entirely sure of his feelings towards me due to his flirtatious nature and various exploits with other girls. I was finally ready to move on, and have entered into a developing potential relationship with another guy (let's call him Fez.) who I really like. 2 weeks ago, I was informed by Idiot's (male) best friend that I should not pursue Fez, and "wait for Idiot" as he had recently realized his feelings for me, and wanted a relationship. I held back on Fez because I wasn't sure and I was still deciding whether even after trying to moving on, I should try something with Idiot. After lots of deliberation I decided I couldn't do that to Fez and I also didn't want to risk mucking up my friendship with Idiot, and so I chose Fez. However, last night, I was hanging out with Idiot, as we usually do as friends, and he asked me if I wanted to try a relationship. It was horrible because I had to tell him no at this point, and so he cried, and we hugged for over an hour and I felt devastated over what needed to be done. Now I don't know how to act around him as we were always quite close physically and we had a very strong bond that I am terrified of losing. It's not as if I don't still have feelings for him, but I know it would be a bad idea, especially with Fez in the equation. How much space should give, and how should I initiate the 'rekindling' of our once very close friendship without it seeming forced or awkward?

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