The question Signs or no signs What do you think...

By jadedlady | Mar 06 2016

I've got a long distance crush. Last fall we started flirting. It culminated last year with me visiting him, and us having a great PG 8-hour date (good conversation, flirting, chemistry).

He had recently broken up with someone when we went out, and had some tough family stuff going on.

Then he got busy, went sort of dark (family, work, holidays). And post date we barely connected.

Since then we haven't talked a ton. Some texts or Facebook notes every week or two.

He hasn't been to my town as far as I know. I told him I am headed his way in a few months. He wants to hang out, and is game to hang out with my friends during the visit.

Once in a while he'll send me a text. Or if I send one he responds fairly fast.

This weekend I shared something that made me think of him (neutral topic, music). We ended texting for most of the day. First time since before I visited we've had a long convo.

We caught up in detail on life stuff, and then chatted about our aspirations and hopes. Like old times. He's supportive and cheers me on, and this convo was evidence of that. One of the many reasons I like him. No signs he is dating anyone at the moment, he is in work mode at the moment and focused on his side business.

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